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We finally made it down to The Outsiders Gallery in Central London for Invaders ‘Attack Of The Space Waffles’ exhibition.

Lots of stuff on display upstairs – The waffle maker is a fantastic piece of art/engineering and the sticker dispenser certainly appealed to the little kid in us (we grabbed a few…) The mosiac pieces on the ground floor were a lovely selection of styles, colours and sizes, it’s great seeing them all in one place like that! A few of the shows releases were also on display (we still like ‘The Scream’ piece)

Downstairs was dominated by the Invader disco ball which was alright but we would’ve liked to have seen more mosaic pieces on display if we had the choice. The snugs short Invader movie (an extended version of the ‘1000 edit’ we posted a few months ago) is fantastic, it is always nice to see Invader at work. Maybe someone at Outsiders will post the whole thing soon?

So all in all a great time in London, hopefully Invader won’t leave it so long next time!


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